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About Us

In 2016 Holland Hill Farm was founded and began as a small hobby farm. In 2018 SC began their pilot program allowing 20 farmers to grow 20 acres each. For 2019, the SC Department of Agriculture expanded to allow 40 farmers to grow 40 acres each. As the 2018 Farm Bill passed, additional farmers were allowed to begin growing hemp without acreage limitations. By the end of 2019, SC totaled 114 permitted hemp farmers.


Having a medical background and strong agricultural knowledge, husband and wife team Dr. Mark Ezekiel and Mrs. Ariel Ezekiel, were awarded one of the initial 40 permits for 2019. After receiving notification that our growing permit had been awarded, we immediately began preparations. Our greenhouse was constructed and outfitted with state of the art technologies, wells were dug, and irrigation lines were professionally planned in preparation for the 2019 hemp fields. After much study and research, we chose the Phytonyx group out of Ashland, Oregon as our seed provider. With guidance from their team, we chose to use one strain of high quality feminized seed on 40 acres through their selective hemp breeding program. As the only SC farm growing a Phytonyx strain, we received very personalized instructions and were able to exceed expectations for our first growing season. 


We are driven to provide the cleanest hemp biomass to our processors in order to ensure consumers receive products that are not harmful. With this in mind, we use organic growing practices and zero pesticides. All of our plants are harvested by hand, hung by hand, and slowly dried in facilities engineered specifically for hemp being grown for CBD.

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